Phantom Vibrations

by McGarnagle

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(When You Keep Thinking Your Phone Went Off,
But In Reality You Have No Friends)

Limited run of 30 available on silver cassette, each with a unique doodle by either Lance or Josh on the B-side. Get one at a show, or order one through Killer Tofu Records, here:

Lance - Guitar, Most Vocals
Josh - Guitar, Toy Piano, Glockenspiel, Tenor Banjo, Tambourine,
Occasional Vocals
Recorded on analog cassette in Lance's chilly attic, on February 8th and March 6th 2015. Recorded and mixed by Josh.

Thanx To: the random person who drew the cartoon that we put on the cover, Josh got it on a receipt for a 7-inch from some distro (forget which); God, for not giving us any talent; Larry David, for understanding.


released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


McGarnagle Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Irreverent mathy anti-folk nostalgia-core.

Put us on your show.

Upcoming shows:
August 11 @ CWOL, Allentown PA

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Track Name: Zacchaeus, Come Down Immediately, I Must Stay At Your House Today
Track Name: The Curious Case of Benjamin Butthole
We use electricity to illuminate the sky. We don't need the stars. Stare off in the distance at the artificial lights, listen to the passing cars. Goodnight, skyline. I'll see you again tomorrow. Goodnight, skyline. You're beautiful in the moon's glow. I hope we never grow as tall as the buildings. Then we'll be left to look up to nothing.
Track Name: Quetzalacatenango
I saw an owl in my vision quest, so I'll get hurt by someone close to my chest.
Track Name: Icebreaker
Q: If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?
A: I’m not good at meeting people, so it’s something that I might do.
Track Name: A Christmas Miracle
My first memory of Christmas is throwing up on the gifts.
Track Name: Sega
You were important to my youth. Abandoned my friends to spend time with you. I never wanted us to be apart, and since you left there's been a void in my heart.
Sega channel
Track Name: Hide and Goatse
We live in a civilization that needs instant gratification. The world's in the palms of our hands which you don't seem to understand. We've been friends since we were fourteen. You know I'm not interesting, and how I'm not at all funny. So please look down and feel pity. Millions do this for others every single day. I literally can't even how you refuse to say your wifi password.
Track Name: Guy With Guitar
Can I confess, I only protest to make myself look cool. And I admit that I don't know shit about the real world. But I'll force my opinions on you until you finally argue cause I'm a punk.
And I make the claim that I've played the guitar since I was born. And I can strum fast but I never learned past The G and D chords. Fuck your standard ways to sing, I'll make the sound of goats bleating cause I'm a punk. And if you hear a crowd obnoxiously loud, you'll find me there with a septum ring, skinny cut off jeans, and alternative hair. And I'll have patches and pins all over my clothing cause I'm a punk.
Track Name: I'd Tongue Fiona Apple's Butthole
Fiona, you're an extraordinary sex machine, you're a stone cold fox and I'd shadow your box if you know what I mean. It's criminal you're not under my sheets and I promise you'll no longer be a sullen girl, after I make you come as fast as you can. I'll tease you with the first taste, I'll pretend to go slow like honey, and I'll go fast and you'll scream "Please, please, please." This is real, you don't have to sleep to dream, and when you go limp, you'll know it wasn't a regret or mistake.
I want to be a pawn to your love. Passersby will hear us out your window. You'll give me a kiss as a parting gift, with the knowledge I'll love you forever. Every single night my Valentine is you. Anything you want, you're the driver of the screw. I know you'll get me on the bound We'll be love ridden and we'll get loud. Our horizontal waltzes will always keep me hard, I love you and that's just the way things are.
Track Name: Cosmo
My friend Bob Sacamano, he called about 3 AM last night. We got to talking, he sells Russian hats down in battery park. 40 bucks. I’ve got the body of a taut preteen Swedish boy. I’m Cosmo Kramer, the ass man. Here’s to feeling good all the time. What kind of man are you? This guy’s unconscious in a coma and you don’t have the guts to kiss his girlfriend? Make love to that wall pervert. This slicer is indomitable. When we win the celebration goes all night until the break of 8PM. Baby I set the trends. Who do you think started this whole café latte thing? To rule the people you must walk among them.
Track Name: Astronauts
I wish that you would just fuck off.