World Domination "Tour" Compilation

by McGarnagle

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This live album features recordings from several performances we did over the span of a few weeks, between the end of August and mid-September 2015. We referred to this as the --- Game of World Domination Being Played By Two Guys Who Can Barely Run Their Own Lives "Tour" 2015. It included five shows, three of which were documented in some form and are represented here...
#1-11 --- Live on the Liber Limbia podcast, via Freeform Portland. August 29, 2015 (or technically, August 30, since it wasn't until 2AM). On these tracks, McGarnagle is:

Lance - Guitar, Most vocals, Melodica [#4]
Josh - Guitar, Occasional Vocals, Toy Piano [#1 & 11], Tenor Banjo [#10]
...and with a guest performer...
Jake - Singing Saw [#1]
#12-13 --- Live at the Mune, Saylorsburg PA. August 28, 2015. This was a special "experimental" set, for which we played electric guitars, messed around with effects pedals, and featured a drummer for a few songs. It was an "experiment" because we jumped into it without having prepared much, and as such, we've selected only a few songs to represent the night. The first is a preview of a new song in the works, and the second is a classic, with the addition of drums. On these tracks, McGarnagle is:

Lance - Guitar Atmospherics [#12], Guitar [#13]
Josh - Tenor Banjo [#12], Guitar [#13]
...and with a guest performer...
Baz - Drums [#13]
#14-15 --- Live at Allentown ArtsFest, at Cedar Beach Park, Allentown PA. September 13, 2015. So, this was a windy day (which was still better than the previous few rainy days), and although I recorded our whole set, the wind (and peaking levels on the hand-held) kept most of the tracks from being usable. One of the best sounding tracks (that is to say, one where neither wind nor high peaks spoiled the audio) is Icebreaker. We also wanted to share a new song, which we played for the very first time here. Unfortunately this song was affected by both the wind and by a fair bit of peaking (again, this was the fault of my hand-held recorder; it sounded much better in real life!)... So, despite the compromised quality, we hope you enjoy this preview of a new song. On these tracks, McGarnagle is:

Lance - Guitar, Vocals
Josh - Guitar
A MILLION THANKS to: Nate Marks at Advanced Listening Headquarters (for your birthday, we played our only encore ever); Brion at The Mune (for your open-mindedness and discretion haha); Joe Limbus (for hosting us on his radio show, and in general for being a great dude); David and Jesse at Castle Weird Skull; Shamus at Tape Swap Radio; The Alternative Gallery (for putting together Allentown Artsfest); to our friends Jake and Baz for joining us on a few songs; to Yvonne for driving us around on a bobcat at ArtsFest (it was probably the most fun we've ever had); to all the other bands/artists we played with; to Wendys for fueling our riffs with junk food; and finally, to all our friends who came out to any, or to several, shows over the course of these weeks. We had a great time and we hope you all did too.

Love, McGarnagle <3


released September 15, 2015



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McGarnagle Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Irreverent mathy anti-folk nostalgia-core.

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